Tour de Ville (TDV) helps organizations like us distributing products to consumers without polluted courier vans. TDV acts from passion for sport and environment. Therefore, TDV uses electric trikes, cargo bikes, bike trailers and water-resistant backpacks to transport our kicks through the big cities in the south of The Netherlands. The other places are being reached in collaboration with other sustainable partners or by using public transport.

TDV: Besides doing good for the environment, we also believe in acting local. More then ever, local entrepreneurs need support to survive. Local distribution lowers tons of carbon emission and helps increasing local employment.

Jean-Paul Tremio, co-founder refurbkicks: “We want to be as sustainable as can be. For me it is a no-brainer to work with such an inspiring organization as Tour de Ville. I like the way the Tour de Ville team acts on daily basis. Being sustainable and innovating as well. TDV collaborates with 10 students of Fontys University of Applied Sciences to make adjustments to its cargo bikes to improve suspensions, so it can carry vulnerable products too. In its own organization TDV sets example buying circular furniture, using fair coffee and using solar panels to load their bikes and lamps. I hope other logistics organizations will follow TDV’s example to be this sustainable.”

About Tour de Ville

Since 1997 Tour de Ville transports packages with their electric trikes, cargo bikes, bike trailers and electric vehicles. TDV wants to be as sustainable as can be. That means:

TDV works on daily basis with 75 sporty employees and 90 bikes to help more then 800 customers delivering their goods on time.

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